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Monday, September 22, 2008

She's got me figured out...

Tonight we were sitting at a pier on the hike and bike trail in Austin, waiting to see the bats fly. (There are millions of bats that fly from under the downtown bridge downtown that goes over the river each night.) We went down there around 7pm, and it took longer than I thought (until about 7:45) for the bats to start coming out. In the meantime, I was trying to entertain Annabeth, who was getting increasingly bored. First I gave her some animal crackers, then a crayon, from her diaper bag. She then asked me, "Mommy, may I have something from my diaper bag to make me happy?" She's got me figured out.. :)

On the way back to the hotel we took our hotel's free shuttle. The shuttle driver met Annabeth yesterday, when she said hi to him. On the way we were talking about bugs, and she said, "I don't eat bugs." I asked her, "Who eats bugs?" She said, "The bats!", continuing a conversation we were having about how the bats were flying from under the bridge to go and hunt bugs for their dinner. He said most adults don't know that. :)

Another few funny moments from this weekend...

From tonight, right before bed.. we called Pat to say goodnight, and got his voicemail. Annabeth asked me what it said, and I told her, it was Daddy's voicemail, and it said, "Hi, this is Patrick Moore, from IDModeling.." She says, "Heidi Modeling?" I said, "No, IDModeling." "Heidi Modeling?" "No, IDModeling." "No, YOU Modeling!" she said, with a laugh.

When we got to my parents house on Friday night around 1 am, I was trying to get us situated for the night, and was very tired. I must have been staring off into space for a minute, because Annabeth looked at me and said, "Mommy, what are you thinking?"

I am thankful that sometimes the small things can be very entertaining for a 2 year old - we've spent a couple of hours, I think, the last couple of days, going up and down the escalators in our hotel, per Annabeth's request, and she's still loving it!

When we were waiting to catch our plane in Albuquerque, we saw our plane park, and all the people get off. Annabeth asked if we were going to get on the plane now, and I told her they needed to clean the plane for us before we got on. She said, "Is the plane dusty?" The people who were sitting around us found it quite amusing, too, when she said (quite loudly I might add), as she pointed to the plane, "That's our plane, behind Daddy. I'm going to Texas!")

Annabeth has had a blast since we've been here, and especially has enjoyed playing with her cousins Justin, Allison, Edie, and Riley. I'll post some pictures (and hopefully some video, too) of our trip when we get home.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Milestone, etc..

Annabeth is starting to learn a new skill.. counting. Up until this point, when we count with her, she has pointed to whatever we are counting (usually something in a picture in a book) and counts them, but she's not actually been counting the items -- she just counts until she feels like stopping. (Right now she can count to about 12) Last Wednesday when we were at the library, though, she actually started counting the items, pointing to each of them, and stopping when she was done. Since then, she has counted correctly intermittently, sometimes going back to her old ways, I think, when she doesn't really feel like counting. :)

A couple of other gems from the past few days that I didn't want to miss..

On the way to church, "Where's Grandma's son going?" when Pat was driving us to church. (we've had a lot of discussions lately about relationships - that she is Daddy's daughter, and that Daddy is Grandma's son, etc.)

This morning at breakfast... we were having baked oatmeal, a new recipe I tried recently. I really like it, but Annabeth doesn't seem to care for it quite as much. This morning we had it for breakfast. I fixed hers with soymilk and mine with regular milk. As usual, she wanted to taste my breakfast. She tasted it, and I asked her which one she liked better. She pointed to her bowl and said, "This one not so good" and then she pointed to my bowl and said, "and this one not so good."

Pat has been suffering from allergies lately, and today on the way to MOPS and on the way home, she was asking me about them. Annabeth: "Does Daddy have a ya-ya? (ie, owie, boo-boo... ya-ya is the Spanish slang her Grandma Maria taught her." Me: "No.." Annabeth: "What about allergies?" Also, other questions, like Annabeth: "What makes allergies?" Me: "Daddy gets allergies when the grass and flowers grow fast, and it makes his nose and eyes itch." Annabeth: "What makes the plants grow?" Me: "The rain", etc. She's definitely a curious 2 year old. :)