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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Almost got it...

Almost got it...

Well, somehow when I went to post a blog entry from our vacation, it posted just the title, though it saved my draft for another time... don't know what happened. Anyway, here is what I wrote about our trip:

We are in Sedona on vacation right now, and I will post some pictures next time, but I wanted to share these moments before I forgot.

Yesterday when Pat was lathered up to shave in the morning, Annabeth said, "Daddy, you look like Santa Claus!"

In the car the other day, Pat and I were telling Annabeth that we were going out to dinner and Grandma was going to stay with Annabeth. We told her she could watch a movie while we were gone. At home, Grandma doesn't turn on Annabeth's movies, either Mommy or Daddy does. When we told her she could watch a movie while we were gone, she said, "But Grandma, you don't know how to turn the movie on!"

Annabeth is so excited to be on vacation. When we were leaving, "I'm so excited to go on vacation!" When we were getting ready to go to the pool, "I'm so excited to go swimming!" And when we were taking her to the playground, "I'm so excited to play on the playground!" It was neat to see the excitement of a vacation through her eyes.

Grandma Maria is teaching Annabeth how to gargle with her when she brushes her teeth. When I was putting her to bed the other night while Grandma Maria was in Phoenix with her sister, she wanted to gargle. She told me, "Mommy, I want to giggle and then spit in the toilet." I asked her, "Don't you mean gargle?" "No, giggle!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Moments with Annabeth from the last 3 weeks

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. This one is Annabeth in her snowsuit, getting ready to go outside. She loves playing in the snow, making snow angels, building snowmen, and just running around and "marching" in the snow.

This picture is from the day after Christmas, when we celebrated with Earl and Cam. Annabeth is showing her "tiger blanket." It is a tiger that can be a stuffed animal or pillow when stuffed with the blanket, or a blanket when it is unzipped and unstuffed.

Annabeth's Grammy Helen and Grandpa Phil gave her this feather boa for Christmas. Here she is making it into a "mustache." Pat calls her boa a "frilly fru fru" and the name has stuck. :)
Now for some stories...
Annabeth has caught onto the concept of something being her "favorite." Lately, everything has been her "favorite", if she likes it, like one of her shows on T.V., or "not her favorite," if she doesn't, like certain vegetables at dinner. Although, I have to say that I'm proud of her. The last 3 weeks, she has been eating all of her salad for dinner.
Annabeth has an active imagination, and it's fun to see her use it. The other day she took a whole bunch of her food out of her kitchen, brought it to me, and said, "I have ingredients for making apple pie!" Her ingredients were interesting.. a chicken leg, cheese, a lemon, etc., but I was impressed by her attempt to make her own recipe. :)
Annabeth is not very shy, and I think she will continue to enjoy people as she grows. She will often call across the grocery store to someone - no matter that she doesn't know their name, she calls them "boy" or "girl" or "Hey, man!" and then continues to make conversation.
I love Annabeth's hugs, and she's giving a lot of them on her own lately. Annabeth came and gave me some hugs the other night, then said, "You're welcome for the hugs!"
When Annabeth is done with watching a show, she turns it off (whether the show is over or not). She came to me after turning the T.V. off one time, and said, "The hands brothers turned off the T.V.!" Yesterday, it was, "The finger brothers turned off the T.V."
Last week we were going out, and I was wearing the yellow Chico Hot Springs hat that I got in Chico Hot Springs, MT when my brother Jon and his wife Sara got married. I also had a gray and white jacket on. Annabeth said, "Where's your Michigan (as in Michigan Wolverines) jacket? (which is actually my San Francisco jacket in Michigan colors - maize and blue)" I asked her, "Why, what is wrong with this one?" She said, "It doesn't match your hat!" Funny that my 2 1/2 year old daughter has more fashion sense than I do. :)
Last weekend, we went to the Jungling's house - some friends from our church. Annabeth goes over there about once a week, and usually has a lot of fun and doesn't have a problem staying there when Grandma and I go to one of the local elementary schools to help with an After School Bible Club. This time, when I was staying and planning to help work on a partially built building of theirs that got destroyed in a windstorm we had in Edgewood, she was really clingy. She cried really hard when I tried to leave, and then after I left, it took my friend Kelly and her mom Sara a while to get her distracted. Kelly was holding her, and Sara asked if Annabeth wanted to go to her. Annabeth nodded her head, and said, very seriously, "I want you to take me to my Mommy!" After deciding that in my pregnant state I couldn't help a lot, and coming back inside, she was fine, and was able to play, as long as she knew I was there. When I left to talk to Pat for a minute, though, she came out of the room where she was playing and said to Kelly and Sara, "She got away from me!"