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Friday, November 21, 2008

Annabeth loves Grandpas and Cowboys

Annabeth loves older men, anyone who is a Grandpa figure to her. Our neighbor, Mr. Pinney, who is probably in his 70's, has come over to talk and visit on a couple of occasions. Both times, Annabeth has run to him, wanting to be picked up, and said, "My grandpa!"

This week when we went to get some Chinese takeout and were waiting for our food to be ready, another grey haired gentleman came and ordered and was waiting for his food. He told Annabeth hi, and started talking to her, and suddenly she left our table and ran to sit in his lap! She didn't call him grandpa while we were there, but when we were leaving, she started fussing and said, "I want my grandpa!"

Annabeth has a friend at church, Micah, who wore a cowboy hat to church a couple of weeks ago. Last week when we went to the grocery store, Annabeth would point out anyone wearing a cowboy hat and say, "Mommy, it's a cowboy!" Then she would shout across the store, "Hi Cowboy! What are you doing, cowboy?" This was to at least 3 or 4 different men who were wearing cowboy hats that we saw during our shopping trip.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Buggy Family

Here are the pictures from Halloween of our whole family.. Pat and I made costumes to go along with the bug theme of Annabeth's ladybug costume:

Pat had a yellow vest and his happy face hat, to which he added some stripes so he could be a bumblebee. I love my buggy family! :)

I put on one of Pat's vests, one of my adventuring hats, and added some of Annabeth's bug toys - a butterfly, some bumblebees, a spider, etc, and went as a "Bug Keeper."

This is not a Halloween picture, but I thought it went with the theme of the post - these are some Bunny ears that Annabeth's cousin Kendall got her at the balloon fiesta in early October.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


The last few weeks Annabeth has started using the word "after." The only problem is, she has it confused with the word "before", so she'll say something like, "I want to read a story after my nap" and when I say, "Ok. We'll read a story when you wake up from your nap," she gets really upset. I've tried to explain to her the difference between "before" and "after", but she's still working on figuring it out.

Today we went to the grocery store, and I was talking to one of the ladies about pacifiers. She said that her son used one, and called it a "binkie", and I told her how Annabeth had named hers an "abba" from the time she could talk. Annabeth, who is listening to the whole conversation as she sat in the little "car" attached to the front of the grocery cart, pipes up as if she needed to set the record straight, "Lady, it's called a pacifier!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our little ladybug, etc...

The other day Annabeth and I went for a walk, and lately she wants to get up on the bridges on our street and look out. I lifted her up, and she said, "Wow, look at the world!" Then yesterday, "Look at the view!"

Annabeth is also trying to get the hang of using pronouns. It's neat seeing her as she's trying to learn grammar. The last couple of days I've noticed her saying things like when we went to get Grandma at the doctor's office, "We're going to get she." English sure is a complex language to learn.

Here are some pictures of Annabeth in her Halloween costume. Pat and I ended up dressing up and going out with her to trick or treat. Annabeth was a ladybug, Pat was a bumblebee, and I was the bug keeper. I'll post a picture of all 3 of us when I get it downloaded from our camera, but here are these for now: