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Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Amelia has arrived!

Baby Amelia was born on June 30th at 3:05 pm! She was a healthy 7 lb 10 oz and was 18 inches long. (Although a week later they measured her at 20.5 inches at her 1 week checkup so we think they measured her wrong at the hospital.)

Here are a few pictures:

This was about 30 to 40 minutes after birth. Already smiling :-)

Mom and dad and Amelia about an hour after birth by Cesarean.

I love this picture. She is ~ 1 day old here -- Our little burrito baby..

She loves to sleep :-) soo cute:-)
This was such a funny face she had! Check out all that hair!

Burrito baby with hair showing!
This closeup picture came out great. Isn't she a cutie :-)

Cute lil baby feet . Had to take a photo!

Mom and Annabeth the day they came home

The proud papa
Kudos to Heidi's mom Helen who came and stayed with Heidi in the hospital:-) They said they had a great ladies retreat :-) Heidi's mom is so great with Amelia :-)

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  1. Amelia looks just like Annabeth! Pat even called her Annabeth in one of the pictures! She's just a dolly. I love the picture where she's sleeping... like a baby. Maybe that's where the phrase comes from (newborn babies).